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Alkaline Water Benefits for Coffee Drinkers

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by: triumphhcg
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Date: Sun, 29 Nov 2015 Time: 10:38 PM


Coffee drinkers are often discouraged to take more coffee as it causes acidity and other minor but significant problems. Alkaline water comes as a lifesaver for the ardent coffee drinkers who like to sip on this delicious beverage. Alkaline water can make the coffee a healthy drink for all and convert many of the disadvantages into benefits. Alkaline water helps you start the day with a steamy hot cup of healthy coffee. The benefits of alkaline water coffee are concentrated on 5 aspects. Some of these are already with coffee but is enhanced with the help of alkaline water.

  • Acidity: The main drawback of coffee is that it increases the acidity of the body. The body needs alkalinity to neutralize itself and drinking plain coffee increases the pH. The coffee made in alkaline water counter this and helps increase the body pH. Drinking alkaline water coffee not only prevents the acidity but also neutralize the already acidic body pH. It helps the digestive system and avoids acid reflux.

  • Antioxidant: Coffee has slight antioxidant property and alkaline water is full of antioxidants. The active ions in the alkaline water readily mix with the free radicals and nullify its damaging effects. The slight antioxidant effects of coffee are doubled when it is made in alkaline water. Coffee is found to be preventive of Alzheimer’s or other brian cell diseases. The effects are increased with the boost of alkaline water ions in it. Alkaline water coffee drinkers are 60% less susceptible to these conditions than those who drink plain coffee.

  • Nutrients: Coffee contains no nutrients but when alkaline water is added in it, it suddenly has many minerals and vitamins and that too in their easily usable forms. These minerals can easily be absorbed into the body and make the body and cells function normally. It can rectify many mineral deficiencies and make the coffee a nutritious drink as well. The presence of the antioxidants adds to the nutrients.

  • Stimulant: It is a known fact that coffee is a stimulant and makes you fully awake in the morning for an instant start. It helps by inhibiting the inhibitory neurotransmitter- adenosine. Blocking this neurotransmitter increases the activities of brain and improves the mood. The alkaline water with its ions is also known for the similar effect. The combination of these two makes it all the more effective and healthier. Alkaline water is also highly effective to rehydrate the brain.

  • Weight loss: Coffee can boost the body metabolism. Coffee can also stimulate the release of fatty acids from the cells.  Alkaline water regulates the body pH and makes it ideal to get the fats out from the cells and wash out the toxins as well. This when combined with the increase in metabolism helps in weight loss.

Alkaline water coffee may be healthy, nutritious and delicious but it is still coffee. Drinking too much of coffee causes insomnia and other problems, so keep it moderate. Drink only minimal amount. When you are making coffee, use only the alkaline water, to make it healthy. Otherwise stay away from caffeine.

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