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Justin Verrengia Fights the Forces of Evil with Empower Network and proves internet marketing success is easy. Whether You would like to believe it or not, having success online is simple. Over the past two years I have had the privilege of meeting people who seem to have had overnight success online. Justin Verrengia is one of them. As a matter of fact in the past 90 days, Justin Verrengia has earned $63,878.00 in Empower Network. I had the liberty of meeting Justin Verrengia for the very first time at Fight The Forces of Evil, an Internet Marketing convention held in San Diego California. I was truly blown away by his story. You see prior to joining forces with Empower Network, Justin Verrengia had never seen such success online. Of course he had heard about it! Justin even had friends who were having huge success online but unfortunately it wasn't happening for him.

I watched as Justin Verrengia and his wife D' Verrengia graced the stage. I couldn't wait to hear this bad ass story! Who wouldn't want to hear the story of someone going from broke to 63K richer in 90 days? You See, the most compelling part of Justin's story in which he shared on stage was the fact that he had an epiphany! A couple months prior, Justin realized he literally had to Fight the forces of evil! Justin had lost thousands online trying to reach the success he had seen so many have. Justin shared many of his failures online with the audience of 3,000 who patiently waited for him to share his secret. Justin shared that he had gotten loans in the past for large sums of money and had lost it all! The crazy thing is. he didn't receive one sale! Mind blowing I know! Due to having such big failures, Justin had built up a mental blockage subconsciously which told him that he would never earn big money online. His subconscious consistently told him he wasn't worthy of that kind of money! Many times life's experiences can beat us up so bad that we build walls of failure which block us from the success owed to us. Could you possibly have mental blockages going on inside of your head? Do you think you are worthy of this type of money online?

As I've already shared, Justin Verrengia decided to make the decision to fight the forces of evil in his head and won the battle! What was his secret? Justin shared with us that he had a near death experience. While swimming with friends about 2 months ago, he almost drowned! This is where his mental shift began. Justin Verrengia, for the very first time, chose to get serious with Empower Network. He realized there were many things he had not had the chance to experience. The realization that he could have lost it all, just like that. was enough for him to tear down that mental wall of failure. Fast forward, Justin has earned over 63k because he chose to Fight The Forces of Evil by utilizing Empower Network. Make the decision today to fight the forces of evil and gain the success online in which you have been dreaming! Would you like to know more about what Empower Network has to offer?

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