How to Choose the Best Crampons for Safety and Durability

There are a number of climbing accessories everyone needs to safely and securely travel on snow and nice. None of them are more important than crampons. A majority of ice climbers wear leather or synthetic leather boots which has increased the popularity of horizontal frames and semi rigid construction for crampons. Due to new designs and manufacturing techniques, crampons and other climbing accessories have become lighter and better fitting. Over the years, they have become more specialized by activity which makes it increasingly difficult to choose the best crampons.

The first factor to consider is the frame material. A steel frame is typically best for general mountaineering. They offer a high level of durability which makes them the ideal choice for steep and icy terrain. Stainless steel is another option. It offers the same benefits as steel crampons but is also corrosion resistant. The final option for frame materials is aluminum. Aluminum is typically the choice for approaches and ski mountaineering because they are lighter. The primary drawback is they will wear out significantly faster if used on rockier terrain.

The next factor to consider when choosing crampons is the type of bindings or how they attach to the boots. Anyone who uses over boots for high-altitude or extremely cold conditions need to try on crampons with the boots in place. This is because the extra rubber and fabric will affect the crampons fit. A popular binding is the hybrid or semi-step approach. They feature a heel lever and tow strap. In general, they are best when used with stiff sole boots with a heel groove to hold the heel lever. A benefit of the hybrid binding is they are easy to put on with gloves since the toe welt does not need to be cleaned out.

Step in bindings are also popular. With this set up a wire bail holds the towing place while a heel cable attaches the crampons to the heel. If the fit is right this is the most secure system. Another benefit is you can move the front bail to adjust the length of front points based upon the type of terrain they are used in. This finding is most popular with ski mountaineering and telemark boots.

The final option is strap on crampons. They are one of the most versatile options because they can be used with any type of boot or shoe. Unfortunately, they typically take longer to attach because of the versatile design means some adjustments will be made in order to get the right fit. Additionally, they are quite as precise which results in a small amount of movement between the boots and the crampons.

Choosing the best crampons for safety and durability may be the most important choice made when shopping for climbing accessories. The key is balancing versatility with precision and wait with durability.

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