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MLSP Truth

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by: KyleHolcomb
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Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2014 Time: 3:47 PM

Are you looking for a MLSP review? Want to know if it really works and if it is worth the money?

Good! You are in the correct place and I hope you enjoy the post.


My Lead System PRO is a system and community that was established in 2008 by Brian Fanale. He created MLSP to help online marketers all over the world achieve their goals and become successful in their affiliate programs. MLSP accomplishes this gigantic job by holding FREE webinars by top marketers in various affiliate companies, in addition to advanced training programs and products. Their task is to help YOU become a leader in any topic that you desire, so that people are attracted to you and want to do business with you. To date, MLSP members have acquired nearly 2.5 MILLION leads!


I want to give you my real personal experience and what I truly think of MLSP. I have been involved with network marketing for one year. The first nine months in my primary company, I had nearly no leads and I lost a bunch of money... that is hard for me to say, but it is the truth. I failed in my first nine months with my primary company even though I put hour after hour into my business and worked myself to death. I had little success with my warm market list and enrolled nearly 30-40 total people into my opportunity within those 9 months.

I have been with MLSP for approximately three months now and I started when I completely blew through my warm market list. I had nowhere to go and was not familiar with any cold market techniques. In reality, I was afraid to do the majority of the cold market tactics because of the horror stories that I heard from the people that actually attempted it. I viewed all the webinars, listened to the tips provided by the very successful experts, and was determined to make my business work and become successful. To date, I get anywhere from 50-100 leads per week that I interact with on my various social media sites, my professional website, or in person. My profits have increased greatly and life is a lot better. MLSP truly salvaged my business and my life. To let you know exactly how effective this system is, I enrolled 5 people into my primary company in the last 2 days! My brother does MLSP and he enrolled 5 people in the same 2 days as well!

Can You Relate To This?

When I started doing MLMs, I absolutely loved it and I still do! I enjoyed it, the lifestyle, and possibilities so much that I turned down my opportunity to go to the West Virginia University School of Medicine to become a surgeon so that I could pursue my career as an entrepreneur. Can you imagine what my parents thought once I informed them them I wasn't going to medical school after I spent over half my life to accomplish that one feat? Let's just say that it was not pretty and it was a shock to say the least... But they supported me and my aspirations!

...Anyways, on to the information that you can most likely relate to!

After failing in my primary organization for the first 9 months, I had the option of whether or not I should pay for MLSP. There was only one issue... I had absolutely NO MONEY LEFT. I was beyond broke to the point where I had to borrow money from my parents, which I hate to do. In order to pay for MLSP, I pawned off many of my possessions. I sold my collectible cards, my cell phones, my game systems and all the games, and even the big screen television that I had in my residence. The fact of the matter is that those items were not benefiting me and my life and selling them was more than worth it because MLSP is simply that valuable! Invest in it, take it serious, and IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Think about it...

Did all of my stories before MLSP seem all too familiar to you? Are you currently struggling with advancing your opportunity because you do not have a constant supply of new leads that are eager to purchase your product and join you in business? Do people not see you as a leader? Are you simply not getting enough exposure in your area or around the world? Would you like to change all of that?

Think about this scenario...

What would your life be like if you had just another 10 people a day that wanted to contact you, buy your products, and even join your business? What would your profits be like once you had constant growth month after month? What would you do with the extra revenue that you received from yourorganization and efforts? Would you invest or save your money? Would you live in the same house, same neighborhood, or even drive the same automobile? These are all things that you should consider when making this decision like I made and like you are about to make. Now imagine this once you got to the point in several months where you had a steady flow of 50, 75, or 100+ leads that are filling up you inbox on you social media sites, your professional email, or perhaps even on your professional blog, website, or YouTube channel!

Ultimately, the decision is yours to make. I hope that you decide to take the initiative now to make a difference in your life and business by investing in yourself, dedicating your time, and capitalizing on the best training course of action and community for networkers in the world. It made all of the difference for me and can do the same for you. If you want to change your life and take the first step towards increasing your business, you need to click this direct link to the MLSP Mastery video:

If you would like to learn more about me, my primary company, free training tactics and offers, and why you would want to work with me as a friend and leader, then CLICK HERE to go to my professional website. I am looking forward to meeting you and seeing you develop in life and in business. Good luck and I will see you on the inside!

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